Our Team Get to know the Legacy Frontline Team!

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”


B. MARTINEZ Co-Founder

Brandon earned his Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering at age 23 went on to work at various manufacturing facilities as a Program Engineer, Data Analyst, Manufacturing Engineer, and Project Manager.  Motivated to want to do more for his family and community he wanted to use opportunities to provide benefit to others.  To do this, he found another way to pursue his passion to do good through real estate.  With his family and friends at his side, him and his sister founded Legacy Frontline Homes as a way to make a difference.  “Everything that happens, it is for a reason and I will never forget why it happened to me”


Monica began her journey by pursuing an engineering degree just like big brother Brandon, only to realize that even though she may be good at the job, that industry just wasn’t her thing. She then adjusted her course and double majored in Health Care Management and Nutrition where she worked her way up from a CNA to a Director’s position by the age of 23. While working in health care, she fell in love with geriatrics and the ability to help families through challenging situations. After Monica and Brandon founded Legacy Frontline Homes, they realized the potential they have to make a difference in their local community. Like mom and dad always told us, “We don’t care what you do, as long as you do the best you can at it”

S. MITCHELL Right-Hand

Sammi is currently a student at Pueblo Community College pursuing a Business Degree. She is also working on getting her Real Estate License. Sammi enjoys doing anything outdoors, as long as the sun is out. She has been apart of the Legacy team since February of 2018 although, she has been apart of the family since January 2016.

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